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Welcome to NEO

Revolutionary Journeys for The New Earth

Everyone has a creative rebel within.


It yearns for beauty, depth and peace. It seeks freedom from all the voices that keep us from living our best life. It asks us to be courageous and authentic in our self expression.

Why? Because you are a unique expression of Spirit. You are an Artist. Everyone is!


Some are already in touch with it, others only partially, while for many it lays totally dormant, waiting for a divine spark to ignite its fire.


Where are you on the rebel spectrum?

Authentic Adventures For The Curious Soul


Originally as festivals, now through much more deep and intimate retreats, these inspiring and life changing journeys merge art with mindfulness and collaboration with creative play.


The result? Bold, immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences that prove educational, enriching and deeply nourishing.

Every NEO retreat is a hero/heroine's journey. This is your call. If you are ready to answer it -


Then may your heroic new story begin here!

Creative Quests for Explorers of The Soul.


Wherever you are in your personal evolution, we know there is a great magic in you just waiting to be unleashed. New Earth Odyssey retreats are designed to help you find and tease it out.


Using a combination of ancient practices and modern techniques, and aided by various forms of subtle and intuitive artistry, we help you navigate through a process of awakening, to help you remember your conscious Creator Self.

Holistic, pragmatic and down to earth, we focus on the more grounded approaches to self discovery and artistic embodiment, while still holding space for the sacred mysteries dancing within your DNA.


As the mystic Richard Rudd says - "Creativity is God at Play."


We need only be curious and open, before inviting Her magic to our playground, and then let the adventures begin!

Are You Ready For Your Fantastic Voyage?


Upcoming events
The Good Life Gathering

A Celebration of Life & Art in Corfu

18 - 23  AUGUST 2024

A Gathering to Celebrate the Good Things in Life - Music, Dance, Storytelling, Friendship, Feasts of Delicious Food, and much more of Life's Simple Pleasures. 


We are Calling our Amazing Community to come and Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with us at the place where it all began - The Buddha Hall in Corfu. 


A Celebration of Life itself - a 5 day Joy Ride of Artistry, Beauty, and Sweet Community.


Come, we are excited to share some magical, playful and lighthearted moments with you this August!



Our Mission? To create authentic, unique and transformational journeys that are rooted in mindfulness and centered in the heart. Holistic Retreats where we explore new worlds of consciousness, creativity, and community together.

The New Earth is our vision for communities of creativity and harmony, built on shared values and fellowship. We see every gathering as an adventure of the spirit, where you, as a participant, are the protagonist (Odysseus) in your own unfolding story.

A new epoch is upon us, and we set sail right into the heart of it, taking small groups of voyagers like yourself on these artistic quests of depth, feeling, purpose and meaning. 

Sound & Silence - A Sacred Rebel Story

For more than a decade, we have been designing transformational journeys for sacred rebels like you. Since the beginning, our founder (Alexander Sarvaan) set out on a mission to revolutionize the way people experience art.

As a lover of music, dance and many other expressive arts, but also a highly sensitive person easily overwhelmed by large crowds and loud, chaotic atmospheres, he sought to find an event that offered holidays with avant garde artistry, but in smaller, more subtle and intimate group settings.

Unfortunately, he couldn't find it anywhere. So he decided to create a festival on his own.

Without any experience or guidance, he dove into this new endeavor with vigor, determined to design a unique, elegant and peaceful artistic experience for himself and others to enjoy.


And that's how the original Sound & Silence Festival was born.

In so doing, he created an exciting movement, invented a new event genre, and discovered (to his great surprise) that he too was an artist and creative rebel. In fact, it dawned on him that everyone is an artist. This revelation inspired him to write a poem called:

"Everything Done With Love, Is Art"

Knowing when to stop, is also an Art


But! Lo and behold, he still became overwhelmed with festival intensity. Caught in the trap of chasing "bigger, better, more!" he fell into a major burnout, followed by some serious health challenges.


That's when he realized he had it backwards - it's not about getting bigger, it's about going deeper. He began to redefine and redesign the Sound & Silence Experience, and quickly discovered that yes,

Less is More.

Hence, the last few years have been a process of experimentation and evolution, and letting go of old scripts and concepts. Letting go of the Sound & Silence story itself. After countless refinements we have finally arrived at the sweet spot, and with it the beautiful new container that we now call:


New Earth Odysseys

So here we are, still designing sacred escapades for creative rebels, but doing so in the most balanced way we know - Deep journeys with small groups of courageous people, otherwise known as:


Soul Family.


We're Taking You To Breathtaking Places


"The kind of meeting of a lifetime ... the magic happens in the gatherings... a natural state of connection and happiness! I had the most beautiful experiences."

Teresa from Portugal

"Pure Magic ... The Gathering is much more than a festival, it's like coming home, home to a place where my visions of how a new society could work had an example ... "

Mitsch from Germany

"The Gathering in Corfu was without a doubt the best retreat I've been in. I'm very happy to know that you will continue to create the most magical meetings again."​

Andrea from New Zealand

"I completely underestimated the power of singing, dancing, celebrating and surrendering into an idillic athmosphere with people dedicated to their inner journey. After few days I was deep into my heart and received inputs on how to review my life, much gratitude!!!"

Marco from Italy


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