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"An amazing gathering, a full week bathing in love and beauty. This gathering is a ceremony to celebrate life, give thanks for this life, pray for the earth, share the magic of our creativity. With the most amazing artists, in a divine setting in paradise, we dive deep in our inner landscape to connect to our true self and to the source of it all, through music, songs, silence and movement. An event I wouldn't miss every year!"

Virginie R. 

"I attended Sound and Silence in 2017 in Corfu, Greece.  I'd been to many concerts and festivals before, but this gathering was like nothing I'd experienced before.  The music was absolutely incredible – the program was truly exquisite!  So many AMAZING musicians sharing one stage for a week! Mind-blowing!  Heart-opening! We also had the rare treat of experiencing improv collaborations between artists each night.  Not only were the musical performances incredible, but we also got to enjoy a robust healing arts program of personal healing and group workshop offerings.  I really enjoyed these opportunities to dance, create, connect and heal.  The setting in Corfu was absolutely stunning and I felt like I was in paradise everyday!  I really appreciated how this gathering was intimate and refined.  It wasn't just a party like some festivals can be, but rather a deep container for souls to come together and relate in an authentic and meaningful way.  What Sarvaan of Sound and Silence offers through his creations is truly unique and such medicine of the heart and soul."

Jaime F.

"I bow down with such gratitude - there aren't adequate words to describe the depth of beauty that was present in so many forms these past 8 days. Sarvaan Ziva thank you from the expanses of my heart for having me as part of this exquisite group. It touches me deeply to know that each one of the beings present at the gathering is going back into their lives with a deeper knowing of the truth of their beautiful Beingness. This is how the world changes, with people who are willing to BE and to Shine and to deeply LOVE. I love you all."

Brenda M.

"Your retreat in Corfu was without a doubt the best gathering I have been to. I am so happy to hear you will continue to create the most magical gatherings again"

Andrea Probst

"Pure Magic ... Sound & Silence is much more than a festival, it is like coming home. Home to a place, where my visions of how a new society could work got an example ... there is space for the heart is speaking, space for silence and expression, for love and creativity, for laughter and tears... and space for everyone's truth.It is not about music is beyond music, it is - what I felt since a while for myself but never found on a festival so far - about being and melting with all beauty we are in the field of universal sound that is surrounding us always, within nature, within silence, within a strong feeling of connection, and share this magic with everyone. A new tribe was born, (or maybe just remembered :-) ... thank you universe for guiding me to that place....thank you Corfu-tribe for the experience of the new earth community. Thank you love."

Mitsch K.

"An intimate festival with big hearts! Body felt released, heart connections, timeless friendships, mesmerizing music & artists to dance to or simply listen. Returned to my home in my heart and at peace ready to just Be!
Did not want to leave after 2 weeks!
Thank you! And highly recommend. Xx"

Wai C.

"It was a very unique experience... Trying out a different art of meditation and expression of deepest emotions. So much peace and love... Thank You to All who made it happen!❤️"

Natalia Y.

"That Kind of a Gathering of a life time....magic happens at Sound and Silence Gatherings....a natural state of connection and bliss! I had the most beautiful experience and feelings....the music, the silence, the people, the one was the beat of the heart. Deep gratitude for your seed and see you soon ..again and again"

Teresa F.

"Thank you so so very much for the festival! You did such a great job. And all went so well! It will be something to remember a lifetime... :-)))
Hope to see you next year.
Love and 1000 blessings"

Martina S.

"​Being invited to the Sound and Silence gatherings in 2016 & 2017 to join the group of international artists was the biggest honour of my career to date. The gatherings themselves took me on a journey of deep healing, radical inspiration and personal transformation. The days spent within this mothership of beauty, music and magical unfoldings, were genuinely some of the most profoundly affirmative experiences of bringing me home to who I truly am as a soul, an artist, and a being with a purpose. I will always have endless gratitude for Sarvaan for "seeing me" early in my career and inviting me to step up and stand alongside my idols - artists who continue to inspire me for both their work in the world musically and humanitarianly. I have so much love for these sacred gatherings and hope they grow from strength to strength, and that I am able to join you for many more to come."

Elise Y.

"Deeply touched by this amazing paradise full of beauty and magic! Thank you for all the inspiring experiences!
I fell in love with all of you."

Graci E.

"Just a couple of words of gratitude for a brilliantly organized festival. You have created an amazingly wonderful event. There was so much genuine joy and laughter and sharing… It was filled with LOVE. I hope to bring my Russian friends there next year.

Veronika Z.

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you again for the beautiful event. I really enjoyed it and look forward to participating next year.
I found most venues interesting and enlightening. Loved the people involved. Couldn't have prepared it any better."

Cristina C.

"Such a beautiful experience! Incredible place, amazing music and workshops, very good food and wonderful people. MAGIC. I could stay there forever. And you really change the life of so many people. 
Thank you for the bottom of my heart. 
And....I already got my ticket for Costa Rica in March! I can't wait!!!

Bianca B.


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