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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2024 Spring Gathering

Location: The Corfu Buddha Hall in Greece-
Start Date: 19 May - Begins with welcome dinner at 6:30pm.
Registration: Sunday 17:30-18:30
Dinner: 18:30 - 19:30
Opening Ceremony: 19:30 - 22:00
Finish Date: 25 May - Ends after closing ceremony at 12 noon. (no lunch is served)

The 2024 Summer Gathering


Location: The Corfu Buddha Hall in Greece
Start Date: 18 August - Begins with welcome dinner at 6:30pm.
Registration: Sunday 17:30-18:30
Dinner: 18:30 - 19:30
Opening Ceremony & Concert: 19:30 - 22:00
Finish Date: 24 August - Ends after the closing ceremony at 12 noon (no lunch is served)

  • Practical Details
    Dates: 19 - 25 May 2024 Registration time: 17:30, 19 May, 2024 Location: The Corfu Buddha Hall in Arillas, Corfu, Greece: BH Website: Max Capacity: Event limited to 50 Participants.
  • What is included in my booking?
    Your booking combines two main parts: 1) Your NEO Gathering Pass and 2) The Buddha Hall Retreat Package - NEO Gathering Pass - All activities including performances, classes, workshops, sound healings, etc. The access pass is between €80-€110 per day (depending on when you book) and that cost covers all of our expenses, including artist and teacher fees, staff wages, flights, accommodation, food, equipment rental, sound engineering, photo/video, decoration etc. - Buddha Hall Retreat Package - Meals twice daily from Mon-Fri (breakfast and lunch), plus one dinner on the first night (Sunday) and one breakfast on the last day (Saturday). Office Assistance from the Buddha Hall staff, providing information to help you find accommodation, airport transfers, car/scooter rental, and more. Full use of the Buddha Hall property including their indoor space with Aircon, outdoor concert space, their swimming pool, wifi, unlimited filtered water, coffee and teas etc. The Buddha Hall package is 60 euros per day. Half is for food, the other half is for energy use & maintenance, room rental, basic office support, etc. The daily cost breakdown: 10 euros for breakfast (abundant all you can eat - includes coffee, tea, milk, plant milk, orange juice etc) 20 euros for lunch (abundant all you can eat vegetarian - includes coffee, tea, milk, plant milk etc) 30 euros for the Buddha Hall Staff (office assistance, cleaning, care-taking, land management, supplies, wages etc.)
  • What is NOT included in my booking?
    Flights & Airport Transfers Accommodation Local Transportation Dinners (except for the welcome dinner on the opening evening which is included.)
  • Accommodation
    Please Note: The Spring in Corfu is quiet, not too busy and with plenty of options. But still best to book and arrange accommodation as soon as possible. Simple rooms in Arillas average €35-€45 per night, but more luxurious options can be found for €100 and more. Generally, the majority of attendees prefer to stay in the village near the beach where there is an abundance of accommodation options. We highly recommend Green Corfu, a local tourist office that specializes in finding the best room for visitors to Arillas. They can also help you to book airport transfers and local transportation, and all of these services are provided for free. Check out their website for more details: The Buddha Hall has a few simple rooms on the premises and they book fast as well. If you wish to stay at the Buddha Hall, please contact their office as soon as possible: Alternatively, you can search for yourself on, which has almost every hotel and B&B in the village listed on their website.
  • Transportation
    Two parts - Airport Transportation and Local Transportation: Airport Transfers - Arillas is located about 1 hour drive from the airport, and an airport taxi is about €75 one way. It's a bit less if you pre-book an airport shuttle. It's considerably less if you share a taxi/shuttle with another participant. 3-4 weeks before the gathering starts, we always share shuttle contacts, and we also create a shared google spreadsheet to help you connect with other participants to share rides. Local Transportation - The Buddha Hall is sitting on the tallest peak in the area, about 2.5kms from Arillas Beach. A local shuttle service is available, and can be booked for an additional cost (about €10 per day). The shuttle only goes between the BH and Arillas Beach at fixed times, several times daily. For those who want more freedom and flexibility, we recommend people rent/share cars, scooters or electric bicycles. We provide recommendations for trusted transport contacts after you complete your booking.
  • Children Info
    Can I bring my children with me? Of course! While The Movement Gathering is designed mainly for adults, children are always invited to join the fun! We welcome children of all ages to this retreat, and we even offer basic childcare so parents can fully enjoy the experience too. Please Note: Parents will need to sign a waiver form which relieves us of any legal liability, and makes you 100% responsible for your children during our time together. Regarding Child-care - we will have specific times, likely starting after breakfast and ends when lunch starts. Before breakfast and during the free afternoons your children will need to be in your care. Legally, we and the Buddha Hall need to tell you that children must be attended at all times, especially by the pool. - During our evening activities, we ask parents to keep their children close, and we will keep an eye on the kids collectively. Although we have some fun and celebratory evenings planned, we generally regard night time as being the time to slow down, tune inward and prepare for a good nights sleep. - Discounted Children’s Food package: Under 5 years: no charge, below 10: 75% discount, below 15: 50% discount. Final note: While we wish for the children to have fun and feel free, we also ask parents to help us maintain the meditative aspect of our gatherings, especially at night during concerts and those sensitive moments of beautiful silence between songs and sessions.
  • Can I Volunteer?
    Yes! We typically have between 8-10 volunteers for each event and have a lot of fun holding space and co-creating behind the scenes. Please note: We offer a free pass (Value of €600) to our retreat in exchange for 4 daily hours of light work. However, volunteers still need to purchase their Buddha Hall retreat package which is €300 and includes most meals. More details will be provided after you apply. Please apply using our contact form and make sure to share your skills and areas of special interest.
  • Can I apply to teach or offer my artistry?
    Yes, however all roles for our 2024 have been filled. If you would like to apply to one of our events in 2025, please email us with your EPK and all of your links to: Please note: due to high volume, we are not able to respond to all applicants.
  • Can I offer/sell my products?
    Unfortunately no, at these smaller gatherings we will not provide a market/bazaar.
  • Photography & Videography
    This event will be photographed and filmed. We see photography and videography as art forms that we cherish and utilize to capture all of our special moments together. As such, we have made it an essential and celebrated part of our process. So by booking your week with us, you are agreeing to be photographed and for your image to be used in our future marketing. You can request to not be in the foreground of pictures, and we will also honor any request to have a specific photo removed. However, the pictures are always tasteful and discreet, and no one in our 10 year history has ever requested to have their photo removed :)
  • Directions to the venue
    You will find a map with our location on the bottom of the home page. Most people will fly into Corfu's only airport CFU, and take a taxi, shuttle or rental car to Arillas. We recommend you contact the Buddha Hall office team for guidance in getting to Arillas. This service is a part of their Buddha Hall package:
  • What are the house rules?
    No alcohol, drugs or sacred medicines of any kind allowed. We kindly ask that you join us in a clear and sober state of mind. There will be plenty of euphoria without the need of any substances.
  • What should I bring?
    The Buddha Hall has a limited number of yoga mats, we recommend you bring your own. Please bring your own reusable water bottle (The BH provides fresh filtered water) Bathing suit, beach/shower towel, sun lotion, sun glasses, sun hat for the beach and BH Pool! Walking shoes - a beautiful island to explore! Mosquito/bug repellent Please Note: Several shops around Arillas sell just about everything you need.
  • Banks and ATM's
    There is no bank in Arillas, but there are 3 ATM's. There are many banks in Corfu torn. Closest bank to Arillas is 8kms away in Sidari.
  • Weather in Corfu
    As you can imagine, Spring time weather in Corfu is unpredictable and even is possible though usually brief. In the Summer it can get quite hot, especially mid day. Fortunately for us, the Buddha Hall has AC, so we are well protected. We have both indoor and outdoor options, so rain or shine, hot or cold, we dance in comfort and style :) In the Spring we recommend bringing layers, the nights can get quite chilly. The Buddha Hall's pool is a perfect refresher on a hot day, so do bring your towel and a bathing suit.
  • Cancellation Policies
    For all NEO Gatherings: All sales are final. We offer a full refund if you cancel within 48hrs of booking. After those 48 hours, there is no refund of your initial Deposit. If you are unable to join us, you can choose to sell or transfer your ticket to someone else, or you can choose to move your booking to a future gathering. We will honor your booking for one calendar year. In case that we, the organizers, need to cancel the event, we will offer a choice of full refund or ticket transfer to the next event.

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