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The Artist's Odyssey

18 - 24 August 2024

Corfu, Greece

BOOKINGS NOW OPEN!! (scroll down for details)


The Artist's Odyssey

Greetings Art Lover!


There is one thing we already know for sure: you are a beautiful, gifted, creative soul, and we are delighted that you found your way to our sanctuary for curious creatives. We welcome you!


Below, you will find all details regarding our summer holiday retreat in Greece. Let's get you started!

The Artist's Odyssey is a kaleidoscopic arts adventure, open for all people, regardless of age, background or skills. A wonderful experience for everyone, including children and families!


It's designed to explore a diverse array of conscious arts, diving into each one and resurfacing 7 days later with you having a much improved sense of your Creator Self...

Imagine yourself waking up in Greece...

It's August, not a cloud in the sky, and the sun is already radiating as you finish your swim and come out of the cool, crystal clear waters of the Arillas Sea. The perfect start to a day that is about to get even better.

Soon you arrive at your morning class and...

A 6 Dimensional Retreat


Days of Immersive Art Therapy & Expression


Different Art Forms to Explore & Discover


Highly Skilled & Inspiring Art Teachers/Muses


Hours daily of Playful & Educational Practices


Afternoons Free to Explore Corfu

You, My Friend, Are an Artist.

The Alchemy of Artistry

How do we know that? Because there isn't a human walking this earth who isn't. Everyone loves at least one form of self expression, and at some level, they have the ability to do it too.


The moment you try it, "good or bad", you are an artist.


Our founder Alexander is fond of saying - "Everything done with Love, is Art."

We believe that Love and a bit of courage are the only ingredients required to live a more creative life, and in fact, no ability is needed.


Yes, you are an Artist, and the realization of this, often comes with a big transformation in your life. Taking ownership of your creativity often leads to all kinds of Alchemy, starting with the metamorphosis inside you!

So the question is - What do you love?

Don't know? Wonderful! That's exactly what the Artist's Odyssey is for, to help you locate your Muse and awaken the creative genius within you. It's in there, we just need to tease it out.

Ready to start your Creative Quest?

What is your Greatest Creative Impulse?

Find Your Muse, Light Your Creative Fuse

MUSE : meaning a source of inspiration, a guiding spirit, or a state of reflection. Any of the 9 sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences.

What About The Program?

Setting Sail on a New Artistic Adventure

The first of its kind, the Artist's Odyssey is designed to give attendees a multidimensional experience of art. Experimental, collaborative and improvisational, it's meant to open new channels of creativity for all voyagers.


In fact, we almost named it The 6D Retreat. Why? Because we are taking:

6 Different art forms over the course of 6 Days, directed by 6 dedicated facilitators for 6+ delightful hours each day.


In a nutshell, this will be a 6 Dimensional Journey of creative discovery, for one dreamy week in Greece. Each day we will dive into one particular art form - Painting, Music, Dance, Theater, Storytelling/Poetry and Land/Nature Arts, etc. A completely immersive and intense, yet also fun and playful adventure.

This will be a chance for art lovers to dip their toes into new waters, to learn and engage in depth with extraordinary artists, and to spend a week nurturing that part of ourselves that has been (for most of us) lost since childhood. We all have latent gifts lying dormant within us. Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves a little jolt to awaken the sleeping phoenix within.

At the moment, we are working carefully on the program, and all we can say at this time, is that it's coming together so beautifully! We plan to reveal the program and paste it here in mid Spring.


More coming soon!!

Empowering Growth
in our Children

This adventure is going to be special for the little ones too!

In fact, we will be creating a separate program specifically designed for kids. It will run side by side with our adult program, so that you can enjoy your own process while your children are expanding their creativity with our amazing Muses.

(Some of the classes will be combined)

The Kids Pass is 100 for the week, and it comes with at least 3 hours of classes and instruction. A full program will be shared as soon as it's ready.


The Corfu Buddha Hall

"An Artist's Dream! A Perfect Place to Make Artistic Alchemy."


Our home for the week is the Corfu Buddha Hall, one of Europe's premier retreat centers. Spacious and sitting on a mountain top blanketed with olive and cypress trees, the Buddha Hall offers not only incredible views of peaks and seas, but a rare combination of excellent group spaces too.

The only retreat center in Greece that boasts a large air-conditioned indoor space, as well as a sizeable outdoor dance/music venue. You can be sure that we will make a lot of magic in both of them! Simply put, this place is exquisite.


Side Note - while the Buddha Hall easily fits 100+ people, we are limiting our group size to 50 people, so that we can enjoy more intimacy and space!


Corfu - The Magnetic Island of Magic

"A lush paradise - the perfect place for painting, poetry and playing music..."


All of this happens on the legendary island of Corfu, the greenest island in Greece, and a place incredibly rich in history and mythology. Perhaps it's because St. Michael's Ley Line (known as the Apollo line in Greece) passes right through the north-west of the island! Local legends say that Odysseus was shipwrecked and washed ashore not far from Arillas, where he was helped by a princess and warmly welcomed by the king before being aided back home. And take a look at the map below, you will see that Corfu is shaped like a mermaid, and Arillas sits right at her 3rd eye!

Arillas is also one of the fastest growing wellness destinations in the world, and it will not take long for you to see why - the place is magical and magnetic, and the energy simply divine. Corfu offers clean, beautiful beaches, great cafes and restaurants, stunning sunsets and a relaxed, friendly vibe that seduces visitors over and over again. Many come for a week and never leave!